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potassium iodide powder

Your Dietary Supplement Might Play A Huge Part to Create the Next-Gen Solar Cells 


Researchers and innovators endlessly have been looking for ways to innovate the current solar cells in the market. Latest on their discovery is the improvement on the process of ‘gas quenching’ to fabricate perovskite thin films, a key component of the next-generation solar cells. This improvement is crucial in lowering the cost of solar cell manufacturing and most importantly uses a low solvent which means reduced toxicity to the environment.

What’s with the ‘gas quenching” technique that makes it special? The use of potassium iodide in precursor materials has improved the quality of thin films and their performance in solar cells. Just in case you miss your Science class, potassium iodide is commonly used as a dietary supplement, found in iodise salt to prevent iodine deficiency.

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Australia Map

Is Australia In? 2020’s Top 15 Wind & Solar Power Countries


Australia is not new when it comes to solar power. But does the increasing solar PV capacity produced for the past year supported by different government solar rebate initiatives enough to make us on the list of top wind and solar power countries? Based on Ember’s recent Global Electricity Review, the answer is Yes. We are in. Alongside Italy, Sweden and Chile, Australia generated 17% of electricity from wind and solar in 2020. Denmark tops the list at 61% wind and solar power generation. 

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Brighte, ACT Goverment Logos

“Buy Now, Pay Later” – ACT Government tapped Brighte to Deliver Sustainable Home Loan Scheme

Sydney-based Brighte, a point of sale credit and payments provider, was selected by the Capital Territory government to administer the first phase of its $150 million Sustainable Household Scheme. The scheme offers 0% interest loans of between $2,000 to $15,000 to eligible ACT households to help with the upfront costs of investing in energy-efficient home upgrades.

The Scheme will be open to all eligible ACT households early in the 2021-22 financial year and will require successful applicants to repay the zero-interest loans over a period of 10 years.

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