“We are the leading solar distributor in Australia.”, says all the solar wholesalers in the market. This might already be a cliché to most of you especially when you already spent a significant amount of time in the solar industry. In a world where everybody is claiming to be the leading distributor, having the best products and offering the best prices, Sunova wants to make a difference. So don’t worry, we won’t be using that tagline ever! This is because we want to be ‘different’ not leading, and besides, there’s more to solar wholesale than being the leading distributor.

If you get here by any chance, we would like to introduce Sunova Group to your world and encourage you to keep in touch with us just in case you want to experience the #SunovaDifference as we prove that Sunova is not just another solar wholesaler company. We are more than that. We are people-centric and we are quality fanatics. Get to know more about us.

We have more than 15 years of industry experience.

We are not rookies and did not build this company out of nowhere. With our combined 15 years of industry experience, we eat, live and breathe all things solar and has become our lifestyle. This advantage gives us a chance to know the ins and outs of the industry. We practically used our years of experience to know the major pain points encountered by customers. We were lucky enough to have a set of competitive and experienced solar experts that recognize the needs of every solar retailer or a single installer and add real value to the customers. Basically, this is us telling you that we know what we are doing here.

While many solar distributors focus on how to sell a product and close a deal, we at Sunova have bigger goals and aspirations for our customers. We offer a fresh approach to wholesale solar and help you tackle your business challenges in order for you to build a stronger business that will cut through the competitive solar landscape. What you only have to do is talk to us and tell us your story.

We guarantee stock.

We know the pain that a customer feels when stocks are sold out. This could be the most challenging pain point to overcome and we recognise that. How do we deal with this? If you weren’t able to get your stock, as our customer, you are entitled to our Sunova Rewards Scheme that gives you free upgrades based on how much you spend. Interested? Here’s how it works:

  1. Spend up to $100,000 per quarter to reach our bronze tier, you’re entitled to $350 in free upgrades.
  2. Spend up to $300,000 per quarter to reach our silver tier, you’re entitled to $650 in free upgrades.
  3. Spend up to $500,000 per quarter to reach our gold tier, you’re entitled to $1,000 in free upgrades.Pretty cool right?
We have industry-leading customer support.

Our relationship with our customers does not end when we are done delivering the products and getting paid or when the sun goes down for that matter. That’s not what we’re here for. We believe in the ‘1 percenters’, going that extra mile of servicing our customers in all ways possible. Our solar consultants are almost available 24/7 just to make sure you have someone to talk to about any concern or problem that you may have regarding stock or your business in general.

Our website is also designed to give you the latest datasheets and important files that you may need in your business and products. If you can’t find something on our Downloads, we are just one email away. Send us a message at info@sunovagroup.com.au and we are more than happy to assist you.

We independently audit every supplier.

Our principle is simple with regard to our suppliers. We won’t be selling products that we aren’t interested in installing on our own homes. As our commitment to our customers, we guarantee them that all our products have passed our “on home test”. We are picky and we know it.

Before a manufacturer brand lands in our portfolio, it undergoes a rigorous quality audit process. By “rigorous”, we mean travelling to their offices and meeting the business owners while checking their quality assurance programs, financial capability, certifications and even the awards they have won. Once they passed our standard, only then we will allow them to be our supplier. We believe that this process is essential for our customers and end-users to have peace of mind. Cheap solar definitely has no room for us.


Now, if you looking for new ways to compete and add value to end customers whether it’s through innovative, high-quality products and solutions, or finding ways to pass on savings as a point of competitive advantage, we’ve built this company for you. Our goal is for you to enjoy the full potential of your business. And that’s the #SunovaDifference.