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Daniel Westerman - Australian Energy Market Operator

New AEMO supervisor expects Australian grids to handle 100% renewables by 2025


The newly-appointed head of Australian Energy Market Operator, Daniel Westerman, will appeal for the industry to join hand and hand in order to maximize the talents, capabilities and experiences needed to engineer grids capable of running at 100%.

“A combination of technical innovation, economics, government policies and consumer choice, is driving this energy transition faster than it ever has before.”

“And this must be our goal not because of personal ambition, politics or ideology, but because we know this is where we’re headed!”, Westerman added.

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A rooftop solar system in Sydney

Rooftop and Commercial Solar is Changing How Australia’s Energy Market Works


According to a new report from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), Australia’s electricity markets transform from heavy usage of large fossil fuel plants to a more sustainable source of energy including smaller-scale, solar and wind generators and grid-scale solar batteries.

With an added capacity of more than 3.7GW of large-scale solar and wind to the National Electricity Market (NEM) and a new capacity installed of almost 2.5GW in rooftop PV, there was a record-breaking level of solar and wind generation in 2020 which accounts for over 19% of total electricity generation.

However, fossil fuel-powered plants continue to produce over 70% of electricity in the NEM, but this is declining.

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Fronius GreenSync

Solar Inverter Brand, Fronius taps Aussie tech, GreenSync, to help “Future Proof” Rooftop Solar

The Melbourne-based distributed energy management company, GreenSync, is collaborating with Fronius ensuring they can meet ever-changing grid requirements and gain access to new benefits from retailers, and technologies such as virtual power plants. They are planning to roll out its innovative deX software via the inverters of the largest supplier in the Australian residential solar market, allowing solar homes to effortlessly and dynamically manage their solar exports.

This feature will be available for all of Fronius’ current solar PV inverter range in Australia, including a large number of already installed systems (even up to five years ago, according to the solar inverter giant).

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