A great solar philosopher once said, “Not all solar inverters are created equal.” We couldn’t agree more. Take FoxESS as an example. Unlike any other solar inverters in the market, FoxESS inverters are produced through a highly vertical integrated process. What does it mean? The company has the privilege of mining the raw material of inverter and battery components and continue the process up to manufacturing. In fact, FoxESS is said to be the world’s largest producer of stainless steel. Not to mention, they are the only company having this advantage which is significant as a solar inverter producer.

Aside from this incomparable advantage of the company, FoxESS boasts other competitive advantages that are hard to beat by its competitors. Let’s fact check them one by one!

FoxESS Fortune 500 - Sunova Group

Ranked 361st in the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest companies.


FoxESS made some fortune! Tsingshan Group, the mother company of FoxESS is a  Fortune Global 500 company. This means that the solar inverter arm of the company  has the financial backing above and beyond any other brand. This will put your customers at ease that whilst the brand is new, it has the financial support of a Fortune 500 business.

Foxess 5kW Inverter F Series - Sunova Group

Revolutionary Technology

When we say FoxESS is a brand to beat, we mean it. This brand is motivated to give its customers what they exactly need. Their industry-leading technology created a revolutionary, patented and unique cooling design on F-Series models resulting in an increased efficiency of up to 30% while lowering its operating temperature.

FoxESS AC/Hybrid ALL-IN-ONE - Sunova Group

All-In-One Solution

If you think FoxESS is limited to solar inverters, think again. With its comprehensive smart energy storage solution AC hybrid/Retro fit, your customers can enjoy an inverter technology and battery storage in one product, making it more ideal to power up a home every time they need it.

Warranty Icon - Sunova Group

Longer Warranty and Local Support


Warranty is a crucial part of every purchase. But don’t worry when it comes to FoxESS solar inverters. They guarantee you peace of mind with their 5kW F-Series inverters that come with a 10 + 2 year warranty. Longer than most of product warranties available in the market.

Let’s add their always available local support and technical team in Melbourne as a plus factor!

FoxESS Engineers - Sunova Group

Engineered by World’s Leading Inverter and Battery Experts


Reliable and high-performing products like FoxESS inverters are a product of multiple years of research and development. This won’t be possible without the help of over 100 of the R&D engineers who specialised in solar inverters.

By this way, FoxESS makes sure that products are being developed with high-precision and high-level of work performance. 

FoxESS products are breaking new ground; offering customers the most advanced product features currently available, coupled with unrivalled performance and reliability.

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