If you are a solar installer or owns a solar retail business, you probably have already worked with different solar distributors to meet your customers’ needs or requirements. If you are still driven to look for the cheapest prices in the market, you might want to step backward and look at the bigger picture for your solar business. Or if you’re solar distributor keeps giving you the cheapest brands just for you to stay with them, you might be in trouble.

We can’t blame you. You are here to make a profit, but if you want to build a sustainable solar business, you should start looking beyond the price tags. Isn’t it weird to be in a sustainable energy industry without making your business sustainable too? Well, your solar distributor definitely can make or break you before achieving that goal. Here are some of the things you need to ponder again before sending that purchase order to your supplier.

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Cheap Brands for Cheap Price

Again we would like to emphasise that if you and your solar distributors are in a price-driven relationship, you might be in trouble. This is another way of hurting your business operations and won’t help your business achieve its long-term goals. In a price-sensitive industry like solar PV, one should veer away from the competition by offering products and services that add value to its customers not just by offering what’s the cheapest available.

A good solar distributor knows how to protect their clients’ business by offering high-quality products supported by longer product and performance warranties. The saying, “You get what you paid for.”, usually stands true in this industry. Now, you might be thinking that it’s not your job to do a lot of research for each of the brands, that’s why your solar distributor should give you peace of mind that they themselves do the legwork for you. Quality audit is a must!

poor customer service

Poor Customer Service

Your relationship with your solar distributors should not end after your orders are delivered. You should aim for a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your supplier as they will help to sustain and grow your business. They, of course, should be on the same page. If your supplier seems to be uninterested in your concerns after they got what they need from you, it’s a major business red flag. Run!

The enthusiasm of a solar distributor that they have shown when offering products and services should be the same enthusiasm when things went wrong and unplanned. This talks about their commitment to making their customer beyond satisfied. You can easily check what other clients are saying about them by checking customers reviews in Google or other resources. So you can also have a hint of what you can expect from them.

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Not Taking an Extra Mile

We hope that after reading the 1st two points above, you now have a clearer picture of what a good solar distributor should and shouldn’t be. But trust us when we say that the 1st two workarounds are just the bare minimum. This is expected in a business-to-business setup. One thing that you can’t ignore is the little gestures that go a long way. Is your solar distributor doing the extra mile? or just the bare minimum? That, you can only answer.

We know that there are times things become urgent and you have to place a last-minute order and get it delivered. We know that we have to answer important inquiries quickly even it’s beyond office hours. We know how important to deliver correct items every single time. We know because we’ve been there and we trained our people to always take the extra mile. We know that you need not only a solar product supplier but a reliable business partner.

There’s a long list of do’s and don’ts in a solar business but we chose those that are usually overlooked by both the client and wholesaler who are too focused on making a profit. If you can’t rely on your solar distributor or looking for a fresh approach to solar wholesale, there’s no harm in trying out something new. Sunova Group was created to understand and address common customer pain points in a solar business. We will be happy to discuss business with you! Here’s why we are different: https://bit.ly/SunovaDifference