Welcome to our very first installment of Sunova ‘Spin-Free’ Zone! A one-stop page dedicated to all Sunova Group website visitors who love to read or just want to know more about us. This channel was made for a community of people who has interest in solar, whether you are a newbie or a solar expert, we don’t care! You are very much welcome here. With our Spin-Free Zone, our goal is to create content that you can actually use to level up your current understanding in the solar industry and upgrade your solar game. All write-ups on this page are based on facts, they cut out the bullsh** and comes from reliable sources and consist of topics that are well-thought-out. We promise not to waste your time reading because we wouldn’t want to waste our time writing. Fair enough? It’s a win-win.

Why We Started Sunova Group?

It’s all started with a vision from Victor Zhou – the man behind Sunova Group. Victor is a well-known solar industry opinion leader and solar wholesale pioneer, he co-founded a current national wholesaler (thou who shall not be named), but it is currently a top 3  in Australia. Victor has sold more than 200 megawatts of solar gear and imported 1.2 million solar panels into Australia. With his rich experience in solar, he has successfully consolidated all customers’ pain points and started Sunova Group to fill in the gaps between a solar wholesaler and retailers.

In Sunova, we want to shake things up and change the solar game! We are not better, we are not cheap and nasty, but we are different. In the world of solar distributors competing just for the price, we want to be different and whilst on paper we may sound similar to other wholesalers, all you need to do is trade with us once and you will feel and notice the difference we are talking about. Our company is composed of solar experts who have deep understanding of the industry as a result of our years of extensive experience. Through the years, we have learned the ins and outs of the industry and understand the customers’ business challenges. We are fueled to further identify each of this pain point, recognize them and address them one by one.

What Makes Us Different and What We Do Differently?

Since this is just an intro of what you can expect from Sunova Spin Free Zone, we won’t discuss this stuff elaborately here. We will save it for another blog. But to give you a glimpse of who we are and what we do, here are what you need to know:

  • We have more than 15 years of industry experience. – Nothing beats experience. Our customers will have peace of mind to work with people who know what they do. We literally eat solar for breakfast.
  • We guarantee stock. – Everyone hates it when an item they have been eyeing and saving for gets sold out. The same thing goes for solar and we know that. Either you’ll have your stock or we will give you a free upgrade. You choose.
  • We have industry-leading customer support. – Giving you the stock is important but providing you with a quality service is another thing that we practice. As long as our solar consultants are awake, they will attend to your queries.
  • We independently audit every supplier. – We leave the financial audit to the accountants but when it comes to quality audit, we take full responsibility. We don’t sell brands that didn’t pass our high standards.

As already mentioned, we aim to start a community that sparks a healthy conversation on matters around solar and not just sell products you’re not interested in buying. In fact, your opinion matters and will be highly appreciated in the comment section.