In this week’s issue of Solar Tidbits: (1) Victoria Solar Rebate conveys an Additional 1GW of Rooftop Installations (2) Australian Researchers close in on Low-Cost Solar Hydrogen  Tech, with No Electrolysers (3) WA to launch its First Enormous Trial to “orchestrate” Roof Solar and Battery Storage

Victoria solar rebate conveys an additional 1GW of rooftop installations

Victoria Solar Rebate conveys an Additional 1GW of Rooftop Installations


The Victorian Labor government’s Solar Homes program has scored up another achievement, with the amount of new PV capacity introduced through the $1.3 billion rebate scheme passing the 1 gigawatt.

The 1GW achievement was announced on Friday by Victorian energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio, who in June described her job as minister for Solar Homes as one of her proudest political accomplishments.

D’Ambrosio said the solar panel rebate, which presently offers a rebate on the cost of a roof PV system of up to $1,400, in addition to the choice of an interest-free loan, had prompted the installation of 3 million panels on more than 165,000 Victorian roofs.

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Australian National University researcher Dr Siva Karuturi. (Supplied).

Australian Researchers close in on Low-Cost Solar Hydrogen  Tech, with No Electrolysers


Researchers at the Australian National University say new advancements that permit hydrogen to be produced directly from solar energy – avoiding the need for costly electrolysers – could be the pathway to low-cost sustainable hydrogen supplies.

In the new research published in the journal Advanced Energy Materials, the ANU research group has developed new “photoelectrode” designs, which could be a critical step towards high proficiency and low-cost renewable hydrogen production.

Conventional solar cells use semiconductor materials to convert sunlight into electric current. Over the last few decades, progresses in solar cell designs have seen solar technologies established as one of the least expensive sources of electricity generation while having practically no emissions foorprint.

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WA DER Roadmap

WA to launch its First Enormous Trial to “orchestrate” Roof Solar and Battery Storage


Western Australia is launching a $35.5 million project that will test the capacity of the market operator and network companies to “orchestrate” the output of rooftop solar and battery storage as it figures out how to best deal with the growing amount of distributed energy in the grid.

The project – named Project Symphony – is looking for 500 customers with more than 900 DER (distributed energy resource) assets such as rooftop solar, battery storage and major appliances, which will work as a kind of “virtual power plant”, delivering grid services and cheaper and more reliable power.

The trial, which is expected to run until June 2023, is a partnership between network company Western Power, generator and retailer Synergy, Energy Policy WA and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

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