In this week’s issue of Solar Tidbits: (1) Australia Passes 3 Million-Mark for Rooftop Solar Systems (2) Rooftop Solar Crushes Output Records in Every Single Australian State (3) Victoria Changes Home Battery Rebate Rules in Hopes to Encourage Uptake

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Australia Passes 3 Million-Mark for Rooftop Solar Systems

Australia’s rooftop solar has once again proved its massive potential and growth with another astounding achievement: more than 30 million solar PV systems have been installed nationwide.

The amazing new accomplishment has been celebrated by many solar PV enthusiasts because it happened even during a pandemic.

Yet, not at a household level. Australia was hailed as the country with the most solar per capita in the world – almost 1kW of panels for each one individual – following a crushing year of take-up in 2020 pushed the total installed on the nation’s rooftops to 13GW and rising.

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SA Operational Demand and Generation Mix

Rooftop Solar Crushes Output Records in Every Single Australian State

Aside from passing the 3-Million Mark, rooftop solar has set new output records in every Australian state over the past month.

“Rooftop solar PV installed on millions of homes and businesses has set new generation records across Australia in the last few weeks, and we expect these records to be broken through the upcoming summer,” AEMO observed in a tweet this week.

Rooftop solar is significantly affecting the operations of the grid. It has set new record lows for “minimum operational demand” in many states, including in Western Australia this week where a new of 830MW was set, with rooftop solar giving 63% of the total demand at the time.

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Victoria Changes Home Battery Rebate Rules in Hopes to Encourage Uptake


Victoria’s Labor state government is trying to support demand for its home battery rebate by permitting access to the $3,500 markdown for families hoping to install both solar and storage at the same time.

The change to the qualification rules, reported on Friday, eliminates the past requirement for those applying for the state’s Solar Homes battery rebate to have an existing solar system of at least 5kW.

This implies that individuals wishing to get rooftop solar and battery storage simultaneously will actually want to gain access to a lot bigger $3,500 battery markdown, rather than choosing the $1,400 current offer on rooftop solar. Just one rebate is allowed per household.

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