In this week’s issue of Solar Tidbits: (1) Australia achieves a portion of 35% renewables in October, (2) Rooftop solar smashes grid demand to record lows in Victoria and South Australia, (3) Global solar PV employment to almost 4 million in 2020

Bango wind farm

Australia achieves a portion of 35% renewables in October

The country’s main grid hit a record portion of 35% renewables in October, simply surpassing the past record set a month earlier, and still on the track to follow through on the federal government’s forecast of 69% renewables by 2030.

As a component of the emissions projections covered underneath the net-zero rhetoric off the previous week, the federal Coalition government – the same crowd that said Labor’s 50% renewables target would wreck the economy – presently accept that renewables will make up 69% of the framework by 2030.

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SA Operational Demand and Generation Mix

Rooftop solar smashes grid demand to record lows in Victoria and South Australia.

Rooftop solar keeps on drastically affecting the power grids in Australia, this week pushing “minimum operational demand” levels to record lows in both Victoria and South Australia.

There is presently more than 13GW of rooftop solar on Australian homes and organizations, and growing at a pace of more than 3GW per year, and it’s changing the demand and supply profile of the country’s primary grids.

The Australian Energy Market Operator says Victoriareached a new minimum operational demand record on Sunday of 2,402MW, down from the past low of 2,529MW set on Christmas Day last year. At that point, rooftop solar gave 47% of underlying demand, compared to 40% on December 25.


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CS Energy

Global solar PV employment to almost 4 million in 2020 – IRENA

Despite delays and supply chain disruptions brought about by COVID-19, global solar PV employment expanded by 6% last year to reach almost 4 million, as indicated by another report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Ascending from the 3.75 million jobs in 2019, solar continued on representing the biggest portion of employment positions of all renewables innovations last year.

Delivered in a joint effort with the International Labor Organization, the report shows that China, the leading manufacturer of PV equipment and biggest solar installation market, represented around 58% of PV employment world, or some 2.3 million jobs.

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