In this week’s issue of Solar Tidbits: (1) Renewables jump to 35.4% in September, (2) Australian researchers new discovery can bring down cost and longer-lasting solar cells and (3) Rooftop Solar Sets a New Record on Australia’s Electricity Grid

Boco Rock Wind Farm

Renewables jump to 35.4% in September

For the first time, the new monthly record for renewables has improved the 12-month average of renewables to above 30% (30.1%) for the first time, according to Dylan McConnell, an energy expert from the Climate and Energy College in Melbourne. This is because renewables jump to 35.4% share of generation on Australia’s main grid in the month of September. 

Additionally, September saw another record for VRE (variable renewable energy, or simply wind and solar), with a 28% share over the course of the month. Wind was the biggest driver with 13.6% , followed by rooftop solar with 9.7% and utility scale solar with 4.4%.

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Solar Cell

Australian Researchers New Discovery Can Bring Down Cost and Create Longer-lasting Solar Cells

The research team, based at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at the University of Queensland, has discovered that advances in nanomaterial innovations could be the way to bring down cost and more sturdy next-generation perovskite solar cells that are simpler to fabricate than regular silicon-based solar technologies.

Professor Joe Shapter said, “Among the next-generation technologies, perovskite solar cells have attracted enormous attention because of their high efficiency and ease of fabrication”.


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Solar Graph

Rooftop Solar Sets a New Record on Australia’s Electricity Grid

Rooftop solar PV has achieved a new record on the main grid at the point when generation capacity peaked at 9,104MW  at 9,104MW in the early afternoon on Wednesday (Oct 6), when it contributed more than 33% of the total generation mix on the National Energy Market.

The new high effectively beats the past record from just a couple of weeks ago by 600MW, when power sent to the grid from Australian rooftops reached 8,505MW at noontime on Thursday, September 23.

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