Knowledge is power, they say. So here are some solar updates (in a form of solar tidbits) you don’t want to miss. This issue of solar tidbits covers the two different upgrades of grid plans from the states of Victoria and Western Australia and one solar technology innovation breakthrough that we surely have to watch out!

Whole of System Plan

Booming Demand Pushes WA to Update Grid Transition Plan

Western Australia’s grid transition plan, known as the Whole of System Plan, is set to be updated as demand grows in the local market. After the underwhelming results of the initial project, WA will take one more shot on the said project. The second Whole of the System Plan has a funding of $945,000 for the Western Australian Advocacy for Consumers of Energy Program.

Energy Minister Bill Johnston said, “Western Australians have actively taken up rooftop solar panels, pushing the limits of our energy system, but fortunately we’re acting to solve all the emerging challenges in the sector,”. He also secured everyone that the state government supports the potential and transformation of the solar PV sector towards a cleaner and sustainable future.

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Dr Hieu Nguyen and Mike Tebyetekerwa (Credit: Australian National University)

Twists Away from the World’s Thinnest Solar Cell

Australian researchers have found out a material, thousands of times thinner than human hair, that can be used to create the thinnest solar cell in the world. The research was conducted by engineers from the Australian National University which explored the behaviour of super-thin materials, just two atoms thick. The behaviour involves “twisting” the angle of the two materials in order to convert sunlight to electricity.

Co-author of the study, Dr Hieu Nguyen, said, “One day a car window or a cell phone screen could harvest sunlight to help power itself.”. 

Exciting times, indeed!

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renewable energy zones (REZs)

Victoria’s Six Grid Upgrade Projects to Support Renewable Energy Zones

The Victorian government has announced six grid upgrade projects with the goal of modernising Victoria’s electricity grid and entice new clean energy investment.

Lily D’Ambrosio, state minister for energy, environment and climate change said, “It will ensure we have the transmission needed to harness the sunshine and wind across Victoria. This is a clear signal to investors that Victoria is open for business and ready for new wind and solar projects that create jobs and opportunities in local communities across Victoria.” 

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