In this week’s issue of Solar Tidbits: (1) New rooftop solar milestone, as Australia tops 3GW in 2021 (2) Ultra-low cost solar goal backs up by federal funding boost (3) Solar PV, wind stay cheapest generation technologies in Australia

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New rooftop solar achievement, as Australia tops 3GW in 2021


Australian homes and companies installed a record amount of rooftop solar in 2021, simply edging past the expected achievement of 3GW of new capacity added in one year, despite the second wave of Covid 19 mayhem and progressively solid global solar market headwinds.

For Australia’s rooftops solar industry, the infamous solar coaster has been in the full impact this year, with the promising and less promising times of pandemic-impacted trading conditions and the twists and turns of multiple major supply-chain constraints.

Despite all of this, the most recent data from industry examiners SunWiz finds the year ended firmly with 300MW of new rooftop systems (0-100kW) including December, making it the second-biggest month in the year.

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UNSW Sydney's Scientia Professor Rose Amal.

Ultra-low cost solar goal backs up by federal funding boost


The national government has declared up to $40 million in new subsidizing to help one of the few tangible goals of its net-zero emissions plan, the stretch target for “s” sun oriented creation.

The new assets, declared on Monday by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, will be allocated through R&D funding rounds open to projects that guarantee to materially reduce the levelised cost of solar – expressions of interest open one month from now.

Applications are being welcomed across two streams, the primary covering solar cells and modules and the second focusing on cost reductions in the equilibrium of the system, operations and maintenance. ARENA said it currently expected to allocate up to $20 million in total funding to each of the two streams.

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The 256MWp Kiamal Solar Farm (pictured) in the Australian state of Victoria

Solar PV, wind stay cheapest generation technologies in Australia



New study has uncovered that solar PV and wind keep on being the least expensive new-form power age choices in Australia, in any event, while considering their extra incorporation expenses like energy stockpiling and transmission.

The levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) for independent solar PV in the nation is at present AU$44 – 65/MWh (US$31.3 – 46.2/MWh), while for independent wind it is AU$45 – 57/MWh, as per the annual GenCost report published by Australian national science agency CSIRO.

By comparison, the LCOE of a black coal generating plant is AU$87 – 118/MWh and gas age AU$65 – 111/MWh.

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