In the past years, the pandemic has created a huge challenge for solar panels manufacturers. It severely affected the solar PV supply chain globally particularly during the 1st wave of the outbreak. There was a shortage of inventory in the country leaving customers with a limited selection of solar panel brands to choose from. This is where the capability of solar manufacturing companies comes in. A global catastrophe requires global competitiveness. The production capability of a solar panel manufacturer to continuously deliver shipments is important during this challenging time. A bonus point is if they are a Tier 1 brand. Based on production capacity which is directly related to sales revenue and market share, here are the top solar panel brands globally:

Longi Logo Circle

LONGi Solar Panels


Surprise surprise! LONGi Solar tops our list as they emerge as the company with the highest capacity of shipment delivered for the past quarters. Since the 3rd quarter of 2019, LONGi Solar has become the rival of Jinko Solar in terms of market value and sales revenue.

Dubbed now as the King of Solar, LONGi Solar was able to ship 24.5 GW of panels last year, a tremendous increase of 224%, more than the 8.4 GW shifted a year earlier. This estimately increased their global market share to 19% in 2020.

As demand for solar grows worldwide, the solar panel giant is aiming shipments of 40 GW of panels this time around.

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Jinko Solar Panels


Jinko Solar has always been the favourite solar brand of  Australians. For so many years, they are the most trusted and sought-after solar panels in the country. Thanks to its reliable and high-efficient solar panels and technology innovation. They might have lost their title as the biggest solar panels provider in the past quarters but we can’t deny the fact that Jinko Solar has always been a strong contender in many areas as a manufacturer.

Despite the challenging market conditions, Jinko Solar has raised its annual shipments by 31.4% year-on-year to 18.77 GW in 2020.

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JA Solar Panels


JA Solar is probably one of the solar panel brands that surprised many solar PV enthusiasts in the world to be now on the Top 3 of the biggest solar module manufacturers. Working its way up, JA Solar started to secure its 3rd spot since the 1st quarter of 2020 next to LONGi Solar and Jinko Solar.

JA Solar has reported PV module shipments of 15.88GW in 2020, setting new records of a 54% increase in 2020.  The shipment figures were 1GW higher than some market research firms had forecasted

Do you think we will be seeing the same solar panel brands on the top in the coming years or there might be new brands to claim a spot? Nevertheless, we are proud that we currently have all these three brands in our portfolio. As part of our quality audit, we make sure to select only the best brands for our customers and their end-users. Our quality audit doesn’t end up with just checking the solar products alone but we go beyond company reputation, financial and production capability. Because we believe that these are as important as product quality.