Starting off a business or just want to get the hang of how the PV industry works? One thing that you need to remember in order to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and industry updates is by following pages that have already established years of experience in the industry. We are pretty sure that you would stumble upon at least one of them as you go along with your PV journey. But if you’re in the solar industry for a quite long time but haven’t heard all of them, we are happy to introduce these pages to you.

Clean Energy Council logo

Clean Energy Council


Let us start off with the most well-known organization in the clean energy sector which does not only cover solar but all clean energy matters. Clean Energy Council (CEC) is a non-profit, membership-based organization that promotes quality and reliable solar in Australia by accrediting retailers and installers. They also do the legwork of checking all solar products if they pass Australian standards and list them to accredited products. This is important particularly to customers because only CEC listed products are eligible for government initiatives such as rebates and battery storage programs.

If you are an installer or a retailer, it is best to have yourself accredited under CEC to boost the trust of your customers in your business.

Solar Cutters logo

Solar Cutters


Solar will be boring without these people who hilariously make solar fun and exciting. According to their website, Solar Cutters was formed to create a community that believes in quality, integrity and unity by supporting individuals who are passionate about influencing change within the industry. So watch out, you might find yourself under their scrutiny and you won’t like it. They successfully built a community that act as watchdogs that hate cheap solar and installers who don’t follow industry standards. From poorly installed PV systems to mishandling of solar panels, you’ll get your daily dose of cringe and laugh from their Facebook page. One way to encourage people to practice safe installation practices and promote quality solar.

Reneweconomy logo



If you really want to keep yourself in the loop in the solar industry, you shouldn’t forget to follow Reneweconomy. This page regularly posts clean energy news and analysis to keep their readers posted on the latest happening in the industry. They have a dedicated page for solar that you can check out religiously or you can simply subscribe to their daily newsletter so you won’t miss important news such as ideas, trends, new technologies as well as climate policies that drive transformation in the industry.

OneStepOffTheGrid.com.au is their sister website dedicated to solar and battery storage.

PV Tech logo

PV Tech


If you want to go internationally about solar, PV Tech is the perfect website for you as it gathers news and articles on the solar PV supply chain internationally. With journalists coming from Europe, North America and China, you can be sure to get up-to-the-minute updates from them.

PV Tech also offers a premium paid subscription that includes regular insight and analysis of the industry’s biggest developments, in-depth interviews with the industry’s leading figures, an annual subscription to PV Tech Power journal and more. 

Sunwiz logo



Now if you are really a solar nerd and wanted and in-depth details about the solar PV industry or serious about your business. Depending on your needs, you can subscribe to SunWiz to get market intelligence reports. They offer free and paid subscriptions and are committed to monitor and analyze market trends in order to generate reports like solar volumes nationally / by state, market share by PV retailers and the likes which can potentially help retailers, installers and even wholesalers in their business decisions and goals.

Other than that, they offer other services that might be beneficial to you such as best practices for retailers, software services and strategic consulting.

There you have it! These pages are only a few of the go-to pages that can help you build your knowledge about solar PV. But if you are a little too overwhelmed and don’t have enough time to check these pages all at the same time, we got you covered. Sunova Group releases a special edition of our Spin Free blogs fortnightly which are called Solar Tidbits. We regularly check and are subscribed to all of the mentioned pages above and handpick important updates for our audience. Just make sure to follow us on our socials too for Solar Tidbits postings. By this, you won’t spend a lot of time browsing the net so you can focus on more important things. Sounds convenient, right?