How far can you go for solar? We will guess, as far as you enjoy the benefit of the latest solar technology to offer your customers without breaking the bank. We will admit – we had a fair share of looking for these components to build a good and sustainable product portfolio to boast as a solar wholesaler. Today, let us share with you one of these awesome products – Sofar Solar Inverters.

Here are some reasons why we have to include Sofar Solar in our radar and most probably yours too.

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Global Brand


Sofar Solar is not just another inverter brand. Before including them in our list, we had to make sure that it is globally competitive and one of the market leaders. In fact, Sofar Solar is the world’s 3rd largest inverter manufacturer with inverters installed in 60+ countries and regions.

This only proves that Sofar Solar is a trusted brand not only here in Australia but also worldwide.


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Solid Solar Industry Experience


Aside from being in the industry for a long time, Sofar Solar made sure that their employees share the same advantage. Their growing 400+ employees constitute a strong and experienced team who have improved inverter technology and efficiency.

Not to mention that the industry-leading R&D team is at the heart of their business. It drives innovation to create new technologies and expanding its product portfolio to technologies from solar inverters to battery storage.


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Positive Customer Reception about their Products


The best way to check if a brand is true to its promise is to know what people are saying. On Solar Quotes website, Sofar Solar has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 which shows the success of the brand to satisfy its customers and users.

Learn more: https://www.solarquotes.com.au/inverters/shenzen-sofar-solar-review.html

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Excellent Warranty Coverage and Support


One of the things that you need to check before offering an inverter brand to your customers is its warranty capacity which is backed up by company’s good track of record. You don’t need to worry that with Sofar Solar, they offer standard 10-year replacement warranty + 25-year data storage capability. All inverters are insured by US CHUBB Insurance Corporation Company. They have local team based in Sydney for pre/after sales, technical and warranty support

For complete warranty details, here’s the Sofar Solar Warranty Terms and Conditions.

Sofar Solar Package

Value for Money


The good thing about Sofar Solar is it creates an environment of products that work seemlessly with each other. With that, the technology of Sofar Solar inverters are paralleled with the product features of Amass Store Batteries. This creates more value to the users and confidence to customers that they are maximizing their investment and get the highest possible value if their money.

For promo packages, please contact one of our solar experts.

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Approved by Clean Energy Council


Last but not least, we always make sure that the products we are offering are suitable and safe for installation. This is an important consideration for your customers to be qualified for any rebate programs or renewable schemes available for them.

Check the latest and complete list of CEC approved Solar Inverters on Clean Energy Regulator website 

On top of all the good things mentioned above about Sofar Solar, the brand is undeniably a cost-effective solution for all applications ranging from small residential to large commercial. Whatever you are looking for for an inverter, Sofar Solar has something to offer to you and your customers.

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