Do you know what makes us different and dynamic as a solar wholesaler? We are composed of different and dynamic set of people. One thing that we could be proud of in putting up this company is we have a set of expert solar consultants who have learned the nitty-gritty of the industry. This is our competitive advantage to the rest of the companies that claim to be the leading solar distributor. If you are done with that crap, we are too. To be familiarized with our beloved team, here are some facts you need to know about them.

Victor Zhou - Sunova Group

Let’s start with Victor Zhou –  the founder and managing director of Sunova Group. This man behind Sunova is a well-known solar industry opinion leader and solar wholesale pioneer, he co-founded a solar wholesale company (now a top 3 solar distributor), has sold more than 200 megawatts of solar gear and imported 1.2 million solar panels into Australia.

He lives in Melbourne with his family and is a Hawthorn football club supporter.

Michael Ziada - Sunova Group

Michael is the marketing and sales strategist of the group. His wide knowledge, vast experience and way of thinking become a strong advantage of Sunova Group to deliver the right approach to the customers. He’s always ready to give his level best to all the people he works with and will surely bring your business to new heights.

Aside from work, he is devoted to his family, fiancée and whisky collection.

Adam Zhu - Sunova Group

Adam is a leading solar consultant at Sunova Group. With a wealth of sales knowledge and an analytical mindset, Adam is a key person you want in your corner. He has been in the industry for 4+ years and has sold more panels than we can count, which makes him an asset to you as an installer or retailer.

He lives in Perth with his wife and is always the best-dressed person in any room he is in. He is now a first-time father to a bouncing baby girl!

Ryan Ruan - Sunova Group

A perfect addition to support Sunova’s goal to be a customer-centric business, Ryan firmly believes that customer services always come first. You can have his full support and service whether you speak English or Mandarin.

Being an outgoing person, he likes to travel with his friends and family. Pre-COVID, he has already been to 20 countries. Imagine if there’s no pandemic. This man might have gone to more places!

Aside from travelling, he is a big fan of NBA games and likes playing basketball as well.

These people are at the forefront of Sunova Group. Aside from them, we are composed of people who are carefully selected to work in the back office and maintain the operations of the company. We don’t hire people who don’t have the same energy as ours. We make sure that they have a customer-centric attitude to be able to join the group. We are purple in colour for a reason because we are desperate to create a New Generation of Solar Wholesale and deliver a service no other solar distributor can provide!