Don’t be over familiarised with solar. Sometimes we tend to forget the most basic things or we don’t spend time digging in some common knowledge. Whether you’re a solar expert or a rookie, don’t forget the most fundamental things that revolve around solar PV. So here are some common questions from people around the globe and we answer them for you:
Solar PV Good Investment

Is Installing Solar PV System a Good Investment?


A big YES from all solar enthusiasts! Now, if people are expecting that they will be able to get the return of investment immediately, the answer is no. But, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad investment, right?

One thing people need to remember about installing a Solar PV system is that it’s a long term investment but it’s worth it. It’s like paying a one-time payment subscription of food delivery for $6,500 to start enjoying the service for 25 years or more! Quite an analogy! But what we are just trying to say is that it is a good investment for anyone.

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How Does Solar PV Works?


When the sun’s beams hit solar panels on your rooftop, it is transformed into DC electricity. However, our homes use AC electricity which is the reason people need a solar inverter in order for a solar PV system to work. A solar inverter is responsible for converting DC electricity to AC electricity. And once converted, it can now be used to power a home.

Other households also use battery storage to store excess power produced by a solar PV system so they can maximize the benefits of a solar PV system.

Solar Panels Lifespan

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?


If you are reading closely, you might get a hint for this question. Solar panels are made to last more than 25 years. In fact, many solar panel manufacturers now offer warranty periods of up to 25 years to assure buyers that they can get more than they actually paid for.

Just make sure to get it from trusted companies that offer solar brands which has trusted and proven track of record.

Solar PV on cloudy days

Will Solar Panels Generate Electricity on Cloudy or Rainy days?


A solar PV system can generate electricity even on a cloudy or rainy day though not as much as when the sun is out. The sun is the energy source of a PV system, so the more sun that reaches your panels, the more electricity is produced. While solar panels are less efficient on cloudy days, they still do produce electricity.

This is also when battery storage is much needed and can be utilized in order to continuously enjoy the benefits of a solar PV system.

solar pv cleaning

Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?


Yes BUT not much as you think. Most quality solar panels are designed to be self-cleaning. A once or twice a year clean up will suffice to remove dust, debris and bird droppings collected over time.

Some studies also show that removing unwanted stuff on solar panels has little to no significant effect on solar panel efficiency.

Do you have other questions about Solar PV?  Let us know in the comment section and we will try our best to help you get the answer.